Self Managed Super Funds

Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (“SMSF’s”) are for many proving the favoured choice of retirement savings vehicle.

An SMSF is a powerful wealth creation vehicle that will help maximise a person’s retirement income and secure their lifestyle. They can offer substantial rewards for their members including:

  • Greater CONTROL of the underlying investments within your fund
  • The capacity to better UNDERSTAND the underlying investments within your superannuation, to monitor them and gain COMFORT in that knowledge, particularly at times when market conditions are volatile
  • Potential cost savings and
  • A highly tax-effective estate planning tool.

O.S Financial Planning has been working in the area of SMSF’s since 1996. Our main objective in designing our SMSF service is to accommodate the varying needs of those who wish to SELF MANAGE their superannuation by offering the option of using as many or as few of our services as they require.

Typically our clients might opt for:

  • The full suite of services that we offer that are designed to reduce the level of your RESPONSIBILITY that you take on in an SMSF to general decision making from time to time. This service incorporates:
    • The provision of initial and ongoing financial advice
    • The provision of initial and ongoing compliance work to ensure that the SMSF is operated within the rules of law at all times.
    • The arranging of the Accounting, Audit and Actuarial (if applicable) needs of the fund on an annual basis.
    • An administration service that receives and deals with all communications relating to the fund’s investments, and other obligations throughout the year.
  • Alternatively, nominate a combination of any of the above mentioned services. For example;
    • Ongoing Financial & Compliance Advice only
    • Ongoing Compliance and Administration Services only
    • Ongoing Compliance and Arranging for the Accounting/Audit only

Subject to our initial discussion, O.S. Financial Planners are happy to enter into a Consulting Management Agreement with your SMSF to provide some or all the ongoing services to your fund at a negotiated annual fee. This will provide peace of mind, knowing that the undertaking of particular areas of responsibility in an SMSF are at all times being undertaken by a professional with substantial knowledge and experience in the field.

Alternatively, some clients prefer to utilise our Hourly Fee for Service Arrangement when engaging our services.

We would be happy to meet with you to discuss these options in greater detail.

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Why O.S. Financial Planning?

• We treat every client as an Individual. Everyone is different and therefore every solution needs to be tailored to suit your needs.

• We talk to you about your short, medium and long term goals, so as to gain an understanding of what is important to you. It’s not all about dollars and cents.

• Our goal is for you to understand the principles of investment. We believe that Financial Planning is as much about education as it is about investing and strategies.